Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sometimes, dreams speak a lot of things...........


                                                               The Scary Dream

We reached at Rushali's place at 4 in the morning. Tired from the six hour journey, my eyez were busy searching for a bed. I dont even remember when i slept. But soon i was back in my dream world. This time it was too dark, and i found myself lying on a bed of green grass. Soon it was not hard to recognize where i was and what was i doing there? I asked myself, "What am i doing in a forest? Have i been here?" but i didn't get any answer because i had no clue what was i doing here. Actinomycetes were in action as i could smell the damp soil, the smell was too refreshing as it was drizzling and the cool breeze was playing with my hair, whispering something in my ears, God knowns what? Chill ran down my nerves when i heard someone speaking far across, and i started walking towards the direction from where the sound was coming. In no time, i recognized the song that was playing in the background, oh it was the same song which, we were listening to few hours back. I could hear the voices more properly and was astonished to hear the conversation. After a minute i reached the sight from where the sound was coming. A car was parked at the side of the road, four girls were talking to each other and thats when my heart started beating faster.

Oh shit, what was i doing here? I was at the same place where the tyre of our car had punctured few hours back. It was us, we four were talking about our biology assignment. "What am i doing here?" Again i asked myself but as usual no answer. The whole incident was repeating but from a differnt angle as i could see myself this time, but i could smell something fishy, something that was unreal, something that could stop my heartbeat if i was in real world. The next moment what happened almost paralysed me. Our driver was busy fixing the tyre on the other side and we four were busy chatting without reacting to the presence of someone else in the scene. With my wide open eyes, i saw a girl, half drenched in blood, walking towards the four of us in some kind of strange walk and slightly getting blurred in every few seconds. And then i saw her face. She was young, but very pale in complexion and her hair was not combed properly. If this was happening in real, my world would have turned upside down. A sense of horror struck me when i met her gaze, and my emotions magnified thousand times more. Her eye balls were damn black and bigger than usual, the kind i used to see in horror flicks. I choked, when she smilled at me with that hideous look, i could have had a cardiac arrest, could have screamed out my lungs, could have fainted but nothing happened to me. She passed Kiran and stood beside me, while i was busy chatting with Amrita. Our driver fixed the problem and the four of us entered in the car without knowing then, that we had a celebrity invisible guest with us. Man, she was so fluid, my mouth fell open when i saw her taking a leap inside the car without any effort. How could she move in the car just like that? Amrita closed the door and the car started. She was just sitting with all of us. I wanted to shout, ask the driver to stop, ask my friends & myself to throw the unwanted guest out of the car. But damn it! I could not utter a single word. She waved at me with that hideous smile and i was left there all alone to enjoy the scenic beauty along with my fear. I heard my phone ringing, but could not move my hands, i felt suffocated and suddenly my dream started to blur.
Hah! I took a deep breath and gasped. Atlast i came out of that creepy dream, MOM calling....flashed on my mobile screen. I dicconnected the call, as i was not in the condition to speak to her. I saw Amrita sleeping beside me and kept on repeating " It was a dream, a stupid one" in my mind and went back to sleep again.

                                                        Encounter with her in the real world


Friday, 22 April 2011

A haunted trip


                                                            The first touch

Sitting in the car, I didn't realize what was coming in my way after 4 hours. The memory is still so fresh in my mind that I remember each and every incident dead shot clear. I was not getting the permission from my family but some how my best friend, Amrita was successful in convincing them, and I joined the plan just in the very last hour. Four of us had packed our bags to visit one of the most beautiful and famous  places of south "Ooty". Somewhere back of my mind the words of one of my college friend were still running, " Survey says that hill stations are the most haunted places". I tried a lot to shed down the thought so that I could enjoy the trip with my friends, but something was going on wrong somewhere and I could not exactly figure it out, but could feel it. Ooty is the hometown of Rushali who is the organizer of the trip.This was her plan that, we girls should have a short trip to her place and leave all the tension back in the college hostel. Rushali, Kiran, Amrita and I, were the best pals ever since, we came down to Bangalore for our further studies. We met around two years back in the college hostel as roomy's. When, I saw Amrita, my first reaction was like, "she is having such lovely eyes". She came down from Shimla and got all the sweetness from there. Amrita is a bit short, fair and is blessed with lovely pair of eyes. Her straight long, light brown hair is something to be jealous at, and her "Down to Earth" attitute makes her more special. Kiran is a "Rockstar". We both are usually busy playing some or the other pranks, and share the passion. "Dance". Her nature is very much similar to mine, and both of us share the same zodiac sign. Kiran comes from a family of army officials and was born in Delhi. She is a full on entertainment pakage. Now, what should I say about Rushali? Rushali is the "Diva". Guys are crazy about her. When, she first came in the hostel, we all were shocked to see her wardrobe collection. I was amazed by her personality. Gradually, when the days passed, we saw the real side of Rushali. She is very good at heart and can do anything for her friends. One year back, when I got that stupid viral fever due to some reason, my friends really did a lot for me. For one second also, they didn't let me feel the absence of my family. Amrita washed my clothes, Rushali used to make soup for me and Kiran forcibly made me eat all those crap medicines. Aah!
I was too engrossed in my thoughts that suddenly I heard somebody shouting my name " Ritu, do you wanna eat something, its already 11?" Shockingly I realized that I was damn hungry and asked Amrita to handover the food parcel. I guess even the radio recognized my mood and it surprisingly played my favourite song to which my feet automatically started tapping. I must say the highway was awesome and well maintained due to which ,we could barely feel any jerks while eating and drinking. The roadside scenery slowly and slowly turned more and more beautiful. We were about to reach our destination in an hour, thats when I first felt it. It was suddenly so cold that my senses started reacting to it, in a fraction of seconds. I had read about it a lot in the novels, but had never felt it before and quickly recollecting my thoughts I saw my watch. It was sharp 3'o clock and a flash from the popular horror movie " The Exorcism of Emily Rose", in which the watch stops at 3 in the night, the peak time for spirits to come in action. For a second I felt, as if I was seeing the movie right there in the car, at that very moment. I frooze to my seat when, I felt something on my neck and without wasting any time, I instantly reacted to my senses and looked back. It was Rushali's hair that was freaking me out, and suddenly I was amused with my own reaction. "Ritu, dont watch so many horror movies and see yor novel collection, uff. It mostly consists of horror & vampire stuff, thats why, most of the times you are not able to sleep alone" my mother told me, when I had visisted my family, earlier this year. I must have looked like an idiot which is why, Amrita asked me the reason for my stupid laugh. Beside the driver and the four of us, there was something in the car that had made me feel its presence, to which I was not well aware that time.

                                                                The Scary Dream

We reached at Rushali's place at 4 in the morning. Tired from the six hour journey, my eyez were busy searching for a bed. I dont even remember when i slept. But soon I was back in my dream world. This time it was too dark, and I found my self ............continued